Dom Hemingway

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Let’s dig right into this latest review shall we? I have to admit, when my fellows at
‘Skewed & Reviewed’ tasked me with this latest film from Jude Law, I was a bit
apprehensive …. Don’t get me wrong …. He was great in the recent take on Dr. Watson
in the latest incarnations of the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ … but I wasn’t a fan of previous
works of his with the excception of ‘Sky Captain & The World Of Tomorrow’. Despite my
stubborn arrogance though … As far as this latest film from Jude Law though …
I admit it … I was wrong.

‘Dom Hemingway’ is a dark comedy-crime drama movie written and directed by Richard
Shepard (better known for directing the pilot episode of Ugly Betty) and stars
Jude Law, Emilia Clarke, Richard E. Grant, and Demian Bichir.

Dom (Jude Law) is a foul-mouthed, short-tempered, and reckless master safe cracker who
is returning to the streets after 12 years in prison. Intent on collecting his reward for
keeping silent while in prison and fueled by massive amounts of alcohol, drugs, and his
massive ego, Dom and his best friend/partner in crime Dickie (Richard E. Grant) travel
though the British and French country sides to rendevous with Dom’s former employeer
Mr. Fontaine. Shortly thereafter though, Don arrives at the conclusion that no amount
of money can replace what hes’ lost and that his one and only priority is to
seek out his long-lost daughter Evelyn (Emilia Clarke).

Now, this movie is definitely a departure from Jude Law’s previous movies. Imagine him
if he were to gain 29 lbs., dress like an evil ‘Fonz’, and then join ‘Motorhead’.
THAT .. is the Jude Law you get to see in this movie. It’s dark, but fun at the same time.
Most definitely NOT something kids should see. It’s full-speed ahead with sex, drugs,
and rock & roll. When the movie does put on the brakes, it slams on the brakes hard!
Watching the character try to acclimate to the world after 12 years in prison and make
peace with his daughter and her family … it’s like watching a champion’s league
soccer match. One minute one team has it, the next minute the other team has it….
You honestly don’t know what’s going to happen next. Me? Personally? I got a kick out of
this one. My only beef is the way the movie ended … if I told you why though, i’d
be spoiling the movie. For that reason, I give the film 3 out of 5 stars.
Again, a great movie … Dark … but also funny. But the ending? It came just too soon.

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‘The CameraMan’ and on behalf of myself and my fellows at ‘Skewed & Reviewed’ ..
Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you folks at the movies!