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Published on November 5th, 2014 | by Ryan Guerra



For my money, Christopher Nolan is the best director and storyteller in the film industry today. Over the years he has grown with each film he has created. In his early work, like Following, Memento, and Insomniac, he experimented with different notions of how we as an audience perceived a story unfold on film. In each of those films he learned techniques that he carried with him as he moved onto bigger commercial success’ like The Dark Knight Trilogy and The Prestige. All of those techniques, culminated in my humble opinion, his masterpiece with 2010s Inception. Now he is back, with a space exploration film for this generation that rivals Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space odyssey with an added dash of 1997s Contact.

Everything you expect from a Nolan film his here. Stunning visuals that not only leave us breathless at the vastness and beauty of space and other worlds, but also character driven framing that is subtle enough for us to be able to understand and focus on this character driven story. We are driven forward by one man’s mission to save the earth, but on a more humanizing level, his family. It is this constant thread, especially the bond of Love between a father and daughter, which holds this majestic film together from start to finish. Those who miss this focus or nitpick at the science of it all may be disappointed and feel the film is too big to be concluded with such a simple notion. However those who are willing to concede that impressive visuals do not need to be concluded on an ostentatious scale for there to be a grandiose impact, will find satisfaction at a film that makes us contemplate our place in time and space.

If these stunning visuals are the face of this film, then the score is undoubtedly the emotion. Nolan once again teams up with Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer, to produce a stunningly moving and heartfelt score that not only propels forward in our exploration of the unknown, but at times is our only friend in letting us know it is ok to breath.

Perhaps it is just the gravity of the work that Nolan has done in the last few years, but the actors in this film know the stakes and each came to play. The cast each elevate their performances not only for themselves but for each other. Led by Academy Award Winner winners Mathew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, as well as Academy Award Nominee Jessica Chastain, the entire cast of Interstellar deliver excellent performances that cause us not only relate, but to feel the world at large and the relationships with each other. I was especially impressed with the young Mackenzie Foy, whose relationship with McConaughey is crucial to the story being able to hold together for the entire film.

In closing, Interstellar is a beautiful film to behold with a story that revolves around exploration, survival, and love told in an epic way both visually and audibly. For some there may be a few make or break moments, but if you just focus on the story and world being told to you, it will all make sense. The film’s running time is 2 hours and 49 minutes which may seem like much to some, however because Interstellar is an experience, not just a film, the length is hardly noticeable as a bad thing. After walking away, you will want to see this experience in the theaters again, especially in IMAX for the best possible visuals and audio.

5 out of 5 stars

Second review by Aaron Bernardino

(Spoiler Warning)
Most of the time I go to the theater, I go to watch a movie. And most of the time that’s exactly what happens. There are some occasions where I leave the theater having had an experience. That may sound cliche or possibly like making it to third base with my date (see Ryan Guerra).
I can assure you that what your getting from Interstellar is a world class Movie Experience and not a case of blue balls. (Sorry for the image)

This “Experience” is one that should be had at the theaters preferably in IMAX or even D-box where available. Do not wait for this to come out for digital download so you can watch it on your iPod touch while your kids are begging for attention because you’re home and not at the theater like true fan of the cinema.

If you follow my advice you will be rewarded. This is a movie that surprised me with its awesomeness. I wanted to like the movie but I wasn’t expecting to love it. Interstellar gives me something that feels new and different. At the 1 hour and 25 minute mark, it becomes abundantly clear that this movie is not a documentary. Surprisingly I wasn’t disappointed but more embarrassed than anything. I should have realized earlier that this is a prequel that had previously been scripted under the code name 2000: A space race to Ithica (Homer meets Kubrick?)

All lame jokes aside… Here’s the deal. This movie transcends the modern era of movies used as a medium of story telling. Nolan has gone super saiyan 3 behind the lens. Some people will try to convince you that this movie is too good for you. That’s probably true. But don’t let that deter you. Other people will say your not smart enough to understand what’s going on.
How dare someone imply that you’re dumb. If you have read this far, you’re obviously not dumb. In fact you might have realized I’m a fanboy for Chris Nolan. I call him Chris cause we’re boys.
I honestly try to watch a movie without bringing in biases. So for this movie as a stand alone experience I give it the highest recommendation possible. When I leave a movie feeling like I am lucky to have witnessed greatness and when I talk about this movie with others and feel like I’m reliving that experience all over again. I know, I know that there is some special there.

Story 5 stars
Sound 5 stars
Acting 5 stars
Visuals 5 stars
Overall 5 x Infinity stars

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