We Talk We”ll Never Have Paris With Director Jocelyn Towne

Recently we spoke with Director/Actor

Jocelyn Towne about her latest comedy as well as working with her husband Simon Helberg who you likely know as Howard on the smash series The Big Bang Theory. They have created a new comedy that you will want to check out and we want to thank Jocelyn for answering our questions.




What inspired you to choose a career in film/TV; do you have any advice for people who are looking to get into the television and/or film industry?


I grew up watching my Dad, who is a screen writer so I was certainly inspired by him and his creative process. In terms of advice, I would say educate yourself, study your craft, whether in school or through taking on various jobs. Always do the best work you can even when you are working for free because people remember you. It’s so easy to make excuses for why you couldn’t do your best work. Always try to do your best work! The flip side of that coin is don’t let perfectionism paralyze you or keep you from taking chances and just putting yourself out there.


When you consider a script or a potential TV or film project, what elements do you look for in the story and character and what types of projects would you like to do in the future?


It always comes down to the script. It has to be well-written, there’s no way around it. I love comedy, I love drama, and I love a good romantic comedy. That’s what I’m looking to do next: another romantic comedy. They make me happy.



What were some memorable moments from filming and what can we look forward to from you and your character going forward?


I remember running on this beautiful bridge in Paris in the middle of the night trying to grab a shot of thousands of roller bladders passing in front of the Eiffel Tower. We only had two chances to get the shot and we were racing from another location to get there in time. I have a vivid memory of everyone just scrambling to get to the middle of the bridge and then everyone hiding to get out of the shot.



As a follow up, what was working with your cast like?


Everyone was amazing. And by that I mean professional, kind, prepared. Working on a lower budget film people have to really love what they do because it’s not like they’re getting pampered on the set- we shot during the middle of an insane heat wave in Brooklyn in small, pre-war apartments. Everyone was sweaty and crammed in small spaces.


When you’re not filming, what do you like to do?


I love spending time with my babies- I have an 8 month old and a two-year old. Watching them discover the world is amazing. I’ve also started horseback riding again. I used to do it as a kid and I recently got back into it. I love it.



As someone who works with his wife, I have to ask how easy/difficult do you find it working with Simon and how would you say creative difficulties are settled?


Simon and I work very well together, we’ve worked together as actors, as actor and director and now as director and director. Of course we have creative differences. We duke it out, we’re not shy, we fight for what we believe and then one person convinces the other one.

How did you handle the process of Directing with Simon as I would be curious to know if you collaborated and filmed scenes together or did you shoot independent of one another?


We were both on set every day for every scene. I was always behind the camera and Simon was always in front. We collaborated on every single shot.

Between acting, directing, and producing, which is your favorite and why?

That’s really a tough one. I’d say my first love is acting. I haven’t done it as much lately and I miss it. I have found directing to be extremely fulfilling. And I love actors so either way I go, it works out well!

As a follow up, which do you find more challenging?


Acting for me is as raw and vulnerable as I get so I’d say that it’s the most challenging and terrifying and thrilling.

What do you have coming up?


I’m writing a new script right now, a romantic comedy. I’m hoping the writing process moves along so I can get it out there, we’ll see!



You can see the trailer for the film below.