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Published on February 3rd, 2015 | by gareth


Jared Cohn Talks About His New Film Buddy Hutchins

Filmmaker Jared Cohn makes films for the audience, not the critic, and if his latest film Buddy Hutchins is anything to go by, his fan base is going to swell considerably before years end. We caught up with the man behind the latest Jamie Kennedy experiment, hitting DVD and VOD this month.

How did you get involved in Buddy Hutchins?
I wrote the script and directed the movie, so the movie and the character came from my head. I had known a man in my life who died who the title character was based on. The movie and the whole story came from an exaggerated version of this real guy I knew. I found as I explored different possible situations, and thought what would this character would do… So, when the script was complete I sent it out and luckily the script grabbed the attention of a producer who was able to make the movie come to life.

Why was Jamie Kennedy the right guy for the job?
Jamie is a really good actor, not only does he nail the comedic aspects of the story but he is more than capable of handling dramatic scenes. He was always the guy that we wanted to play the title role and he did a great job. We were lucky he liked the script.

Did Jamie have any concerns about this role? It’s a very different kind of part for him?
Star name actors are always very cautious about the roles they take on because they have a career to worry about and they say you are only as good as your last movie. I would say Jamie was concerned about the tone, because there is comedy, drama and horror and thrilling elements, so the movie cannot really be squeezed into a nicely shaped box. Everyone likes to try to put every movie in some sort of limiting genre, but I feel Buddy Hutchins is a colourful story, a drama whilst containing funny and bloody moments simultaneously.

Did that initial pitch include the words ‘Falling Down’? It’s such a comparable movie – though it’s own beast all the same.
Yes, I love Falling Down. That was a factor in the pitch for me, I will never deny the similarities between Buddy Hutchins and Falling Down. Both are movies about guys whose life goes to hell and they decide to essentially get revenge. However, the beats of the stories are completely different, but the core is similar.

Do you think there’s a message in this movie? If so, what is it?
The message to the movie is that people around sometimes lie and do terrible things. The morality of life these days is questionable and it can be very difficult to deal with the way people treat other people. People treated Buddy terribly and he snapped. The message is if you find yourself treating someone else like shit they might come after you and kill you so be careful! I wrote the script in a very dark place in my own life. I am confident that we all have fantastical idealisms of killing people that upset us. Sure, most of us don’t act on these thoughts but some do. Buddy Hutchins did. I for one, can admit that when someone wrongs me the notion of killing them crosses my mind, sure it might be a fleeting thought but I can only imagine the inclinations in some is stronger in others. What if someone was brave enough to take action? Regardless of the morality or the law. Perhaps we should learn something from this and at the very least stand up more to those that wrong us.

How important as a marketing tool is the internet in promoting indie movies?
Word of mouth is key and the paradigm of seeking out new movies, especially indie movies. A movie lives and dies on the internet. A small movie without a huge marketing budget can only be discovered if people hear about it, and the way people are hearing about things is on the internet. So, thanks to reviewers and journalists that take an interest in indie movies we have a voice to be heard. Also, a big movie can tank because people trash it. It can work both ways, not just for a big movie but an indie too.

Are you currently working on anything new?
I am currently prepping a cool western that I am very excited about and developing a few bigger movies. Please check out to learn about my upcoming work.
What would you say has been your biggest break? Is there a film that’s really opened doors for you?
My biggest break was BORN BAD. Thanks much in part to the guys at The Asylum for allowing me to direct that movie and many more there. That movie really solidified my path in life, and opened up some good doors for me. Without Born Bad there would be no Buddy Hutchins.

You’re a busy guy. How many projects are you generally working on in one year?
Every year is different, this industry is very unpredictable and things change on a dime. One day you can have amazing things happen and the next day you can be seemingly back to square one. I love movies, however the movie business is an unpredictable business! It may seem glamorous from the outside but it’s hard work and anyone that suggests otherwise is probably lying.

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