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Published on March 19th, 2015 | by gareth


EVOLVE Gets New Hunters

The planet Shear has gone to hell. The once-thriving border world, now overrun by Monsters. While Cabot’s elite team of Hunters have done their damnedest to evacuate colonists, they need help. Lots of help. The four new Hunters weren’t called from another planet, but were already on Shear.

Now, it’s time to meet the four new Hunters coming March 31 to all platforms. (Along with some pro-tips from TRS’ Jess Damerst for each of the new Hunters.)

Torvald (Assault)


“I have crossed the depths of space to find you, beast! I am your death!” – Torvald

Torvald has a Goliath-sized beef with Monsters. Survivor of a Monster attack, Torvald was nearly torn to pieces. Rebuilt into a half-human walking tank, Torvald is heading to Shear with a head full of revenge. Besides cybernetic implants, he’s sporting back-mounted Mortar Cannons. As deadly as those mortar rounds are at a distance, Torvald is straight-up vicious, up close. Toss a Shrapnel Grenade and he peppers a target with weak spots. That’s when you unload rounds from his Autofire Shotgun and rack up some serious bonus damage.

TRS Tip: Torvald’s Mortar is obviously great for splash damage at a distance, but you can also aim straight up for a close-range drop. Combine that with the Shrapnel Grenade to bring the Monster a world of pain.

Crow (Trapper)


“These things are tough….Wonder how they taste.” –Crow

Crow is a bit of a recluse. He actually retired to the unsettled parts of Shear to be left alone – until the Monsters came and screwed everything up. He understands the planet better than most, which makes him perfectly suited as a Trapper. Now, Crow and his trained pet Batray, Gobi, are going to get rid of the Monsters one dome at a time. On command, Gobi flies ahead to scout an area and lets Crow “see” nearby creatures. Gobi flies out a couple hundred meters at most in line-of-sight, eventually finding its way back to its master. Crow’s Stasis Gun has two firing modes: A rapid-fire mode briefly slows down the Monster, but a charged shot will drop a Monster to a crawl for a longer period of time. Then there is his Kinetic Long Rifle. The rapid-fire mode deals lots of damage-per-second, but charge the shot and he is able to punch straight through a Monster’s armor and damage its health. It’s sneaky and vicious. Just like Crow.

TRS Tip: Send Gobi out often. He should be looking for the Monster even when you’re in a dome to keep tabs on it. Also, try to stick with the charged shot with the Stasis Gun – it will slow the monster longer, as opposed to short-burst shots.

Slim (Medic)


“You got too much health, Goliath! Gimme some!” – Slim

A forgotten solider from a forgotten war, Slim is not human – not anymore. His DNA was genetically modified so much that this combat medic resembles some insectoid hybrid. All of Slim’s abilities not only mess with the Monster, he has some unique ways to keep his fellow Hunters in the fight. His primary weapon, the Leech Gun, saps strength from the Monster and that fuels how quickly his Healing Burst reloads. His Healing Burst also happens to have the largest radius compared to all the other Medics. Slim’s Healing drone buzzes around the battlefield, targeting teammates and helping them regenerate health over time. As soon as the Hunter getting healed is attacked, the drone returns to Slim. Of course, the Monster can’t hurt what it can’t find and Slim’s Spore Cloud Launcher masks the scent of the Hunters, giving you the perfect opportunity to get in close.

TRS Tip: Fire the Leech Gun often – even if you don’t think you’re hitting anything. The Leech gun is how Slim replenishes the Medic Heal Burst ability. The more shots you take at the wildlife (and the Monster), the faster it recharges!

Sunny (Support)


“Yay! We did it! Why didn’t anyone believe me? You guys are such downers.” – Sunny

Sunny goes a long ways back with Abe and Parnell before coming to Shear. (In fact, Sunny was one of the original four Hunters, back when Evolve was first created.) Now the ace pilot, engineer and eternal optimist is coming to help her old squadmates. As support, she’s protecting the team with Shield Drones that will cover nearby teammates and take the hits for the Hunters. In order to help them with a quick escape, Sunny’s Jetpack Booster lets teammates fly further, faster and not run out of juice while in range. All that said, Sunny is perfectly capable of dishing it out. Her Mininuke Grenade Launcher packs more punch in a single projectile than any other hand-wielded weapon in the game.

TRS Tip: Jetpack Boost teammates that are being attacked so they can dodge out of the way as much as possible. Also, if you’re hot on the trail of the Monster, Jetpack Boost your Trapper so that they can keep pace and drop a dome on it.

Would you rather start snacking on Hunters? No worries – we have you covered as well. We just announced that the fourth Monster, Behemoth, is also coming at you – on all platforms – on March 31.

Happy Hunting!

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