Intergalactic Nemesis

Aliens! Sassy sidekicks! Time travel! What more could someone want out of a live action graphic novel. The Mesa Art’s Center this past weekend presented The Intergalactic Nemesis; A live action graphic novel radio play. The show is set up like a radio play except the Foley table is center stage. Created by Chad Nichols and Jason Neulander. The stage show includes comic book cells hand drawn by Tim Doyle. The show itself has Comic books, A Podcast featuring one of the main characters and PBS has a recording of the show online. The show followed the story called Target Earth. The story follows Molly Sloan (Voiced by Rachel Landon) a 1933 reporter who has the moxie to go and get the latest scoop. Along with her assistant Timmy Mendez (Voiced by Brock England) ,the two end up way over their heads. Slime creatures from Zygon threaten to take over the earth, Molly and Timmy team up with the mysterious Ben Wilcott (Voiced by Christopher Lee Gibson) to save the planet Earth before it’s too late!

The stage performance is like nothing I have ever seen before. The use of the Foley art done by Kelly Matthews and the Impromptu piano play done by Harlan Hodges makes the show one a kind. The plot was fast moving and kept the audience entertained. The show is a tad campy but not to the point where it’s not funny. What is really neat about this show is that you can watch it online! PBS did a recording of it so it’s available on the intergalactic YouTube page and their website. You can also listen to a Podcast which includes Jean- Pierre, one of the characters in the show and there are also hard copy graphic novels you can get of the series. I would recommend this show to anyone who likes comic books or is just looking for a family friendly show.


3/5 Spaceships!