We Recap What Is New For Nintendo

Fans got a wake up call yesterday from Nintendo with a direct, we got new looks at Yoshi’s Wooly World amiibos, Mario Kart 8 DLC, New Fire Emblem information and of course the big news Smash bros information. In addition to a Mewtwo trailer we got a trailer for another veteran ‘Lucas’ from ‘Mother 3’ making his return from Brawl and an official ‘Fighter Ballot’ where the fans decide what character should be in Nintendo’s flagship fighting franchise.

It’s causing abit of stir up as the Otaku want the Japanese Superman ‘Goku’ from Dragonball Z. Although I believe it’d be pretty cool to see I don’t think Sakarai Creator of Smash taking this route. However I can see ‘Rayman flying into battle’ or ‘Paper Mario hammering into battle’ or my personal favorite ‘Shovel Knight digging up the competition’ so once you get the chance fans don’t forget to choose who you want as a fighter. #SpamForTheKnight