What Are Your Expectations For Call Of Duty: Black Ops III?

Like many gamers, the announcement that Black Ops III would be the next game in the Call of Duty series was not that big of a surprise. It had been rumored and considering how many of the titles in the series, Cod 1-3, Modern Warfare 1-3, went three titles, it only stood to reason that after the success of Black Ops and Black Ops II , a third title would follow.

When it was announced that Sledgehammer would release Advanced Warfare last year in the spot normally reserved for Treyarch, many figured it was due to new updates and tweaks being added to the game since Advanced Warfare was the first in the series to benefit from an extra year of development time.

As we await the reveal on April 26th, and I look ahead as I always do this time of year to our coverage of E3 and the big reveals and first looks, we naturally have Black Ops III firmly on our list of priority coverage.

With the last game offering such features as alternate endings and options for players to take or not take, such as killing the bad guy or letting him live, it is interesting to see what direction the developers will opt to take for the story.

I would say that the most likely scenario is that Cordis Die is still growing with our without its former leader and that Mason and his crew must stop the growing threat that they represent.

As we saw in the last game, treason and traitors within the ranks may be an issue and since the series has jumped into the past, present, and future, I would expect more of the same this time out.

Advanced Warfare laid a solid foundation for future tech as did Black Ops III, so it only stands to reason that we will see more of the same this time around. The series staples of waves of enemies, slow motion action, betrayals, deaths, and vehicle chases will likely all remain as they have been, and players will likely use the solo missions as a warm up for online domination which is the hallmark of the series.

Zombies have been a big part of the series so I would expect this to continue and let us also not forget that the series has had some of the best Killstreak Rewards of the series as the multiplay aspects of Black Ops II are considered amongst the best of the series.

Some say that despite great sales that the series has crested and really does not offer anything new to gamers, but despite this, millions of fans world-wide are online and playing which underscores the significance and appeal of the series.

I for one am very interesting in seeing what the developers have created with an extra year of development as building upon a proven and popular series is always a challenge and constantly pushing the technology of the series has been one of the staples since it first launched.

With that in mind, please tell us what you would like to see in the new series and what are your expectations for the latest in the series. Place your comments below and stay tuned for more coverage ahead.

Black Ops III Reveal Video