How Gaming Presentations Has Evolved To Become Common Place At San Diego Comic Con

While known as a cornucopia of pop culture, San Diego Comic Con in recent years has become quite the gaming destination.

When I first started covering the show live, it was common for Activision to have a small area where they would promote their latest super-hero based game.
As the years went along, companies such as Capcom, Konami, Arena Net, and others have joined the mix.

In recent years, Sega has been on hand to promote both Aliens: Colonial Marines and Alien Isolation as well as some other title. You can see that while it is not to the level of E3 or PAX, there is a growing gaming content at San Diego Comic Con.

Things really went into overdrive as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have put on displays there in recent years as has Warner Bros Interactive which has pushed the latest Batman and Lego games at the show and has been rewarded with solid launches for each game.

While some of the companies do not show in the main hall and have their sessions in privates suites or off-site locations, it is becoming more and more common to see game companies at the show and at times showing off games one might not expect such as when Bandai Namco showed off Project Cars last year.

As the show continues to grow despite record attendance and selling out tickets in record time, game companies have moved their gaming content to offsite hotels and locales where fans do not need a convention badge to take part in the fun and see what is coming soon to their gaming system of choice.

While it is not on the level of comics, film, television, and collectibles, gaming is a growing and vital part of the San Diego Comic Con experience and if current trends continue, the show will rapidly become a place to show off new games, and as such the ongoing quest to expand the San Diego Convention Center could not come at a better time for gamers.