A Silver-Screen Themed Wedding

Films are iconic representations of cultural zeitgeist, which boast vibrant sets, colorful costumes, imaginative props and profoundly romantic themes. There are a number of famous classic movies that tell compelling stories and are widely celebrated works of art. Have one you absolutely love? For an unforgettable day that will inspire and impress your guests, integrate it into your wedding’s theme.

Gone with the Wind

Channel your inner Scarlett O’Hara with a historical and Georgia-themed wedding. The film, which was released in 1939, takes place during the Civil War era — a time period known for lavish dresses and luxurious plantation life. Dress your bridesmaids in deep red dresses complete with a skirt of chiffon ruffles. The location of the wedding should be in a field, at a historic plantation or in a barn. Get creative with cotton branches and unprocessed pieces of cotton as decor for your gift or guestbook table. Juxtapose the cotton with elegant pearls and feathers as props to represent the decadence of Southern life way back when. Mint juleps would make for excellent libations, and a decadent barbecue would be fitting for your food.

How to Marry a Millionaire

For a tongue-in-cheek theme, use “How to Marry a Millionaire” as your inspiration. The characters in the film are forced to sell their fine furniture for money — mimic this scene in your wedding by crafting wooden moving boxes with stenciled labels, such as “china plates,” “Persian rugs,” and “silver flatware” for seating. Make sure the wedding party’s attire is representative of the 1950s era, with the men sporting well-tailored tuxedos and the women in fit-and-flare dresses. The more diamonds and gems you can incorporate into your decor, the better. For the photo booth, include pairs of ornate and stylish reading glasses to represent Marilyn Monroe’s quote as her character, Pola: “Men aren’t attentive to girls who wear glasses.”

The Princess Bride

The ultimate love story comes to life in the film “The Princess Bride.” If you too have found your one true love, why not craft your wedding theme after the story of this fairy tale couple? Start with a gallery display of swords near the entrance of your reception area where you can magnetically attach your table assignment and name tags. Decorate the bar area with antique tincture bottles, like the ones found in the scene with Miracle Max, played by Billy Crystal. For your bridesmaids, consider simple, flowing dresses and handwoven flower crowns — something you can easily make from bouquets bought online. During your ceremony throw in a couple of the film’s most notable quotes, such as: “Only mostly dead,” “Frankly, I think the odds are slightly in your favor,” “They’re kissing again, do we have to read the kissing parts?” and “As you wish.”

Wizard of Oz

“The Wizard of Oz” is a mystical film that will provide you with a magical theme for your wedding. For your wedding aisle, lay a yellow-brick-road carpet runner to walk down. Your floral arrangements should include poppies, just like the ones from the field of flowers Dorothy and her friends encounter. For decor, get creative with the gifts the Wizard grants Dorothy and her friends, which can also equate to the gifts that will support a prosperous marriage: the Scarecrow’s brain, the Tinman’s heart and the Lion’s courage. For extra pizzazz, wear a pair of ruby red shoes to with your white dress.