Recentrly Angele Colageo spoke with Vlad Yudin about GENERATION IRON, CT FLETCHER: MY MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION, which unveils the legendary story of the six-time, world champion powerlifter.


How did you choose the subject matter?

I will be honest. Since Generation Iron I wasn’t thinking about doing another film related to fitness. Especially since the main focus was to continue building our digital platform Generation Iron Fitness Network. ‘

A few months ago CT was interviewed for one of our videos. The attraction and appreciation he received from fans was undeniable. So I did my research. It was clear to see there was a story there. CT had everything and lost everything. Now he is working to gain that all back and more. It was a story that I knew had to be told.


What was the inspiration in developing this project

CT Fletcher is the baddest mothafu$@ out there. There is a lot more to him than his 22 inch arms. He has an inspiring life story that will motivate anyone to push through all the bullshit life throws them.


Were there moments during the of filming that surprised you?

Hearing about CT’s background was surprising at times. He is very vocal about the childhood of abuse he lived. But when we asked him to relive these moments and confront some old demons. I was able to see a CT Fletcher not yet seen on Youtube.


How would you like the audience to feel, learn or know after watching the film?

Motivated, inspired, hungry for more. The film explains the idea of making that one thing you want in life your magnificent obsession. Something you are willing to fight all the way for. It is a message people need to hear.


Next projects? More producing? Directing? Writing?

Always working on something new. CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession will be our first original production by Generation Iron Fitness Network. It is also premiering the same day as another Vladar Company film on September 18th. The film is Jeremy Scott: The People’s designer.