Would Until Dawn In PlayStation VR Be A Game Changer?

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The more I play Until Dawn, The fantastic interactive horror game for the Playstation, 4, the more I am impressed with the game. My wife is not a big fan of horror but will take a break to watch The Walking Dead, but only now and then will watch any horror themed film. Recently she sat in complete attention during two gameplay sessions, and was offering suggestions and theories about the story as I played. For her not to be watching while her tablet or laptop was up was a real accomplishment as the game held her total and complete attention during my gameplay.
While playing the game, I had the idea that this game would be ideal for the Playstation VR system. Imagine the cold, dark, and dangerous setting of Until Dawn in an immersive setting that is completely around each play and one that you cannot escape by looking at your table, couch, or living room.
To me this is the grand new direction of gaming and if supported properly, there are no limits to the amazing games that would benefit from being played in a V.R. setting. With that in mind, here are a few older titles, some of which have V.R. support, which I would love to see be playing under the Playstation VR system as well as a few pending titles.

Until Dawn

As I mentioned, this is a great example of really putting the player in a setting and scaring them over and over.

Alien: Isolation

An older title to be sure but ask anyone who has played the game on the Oculus if it was not even more intense and terror-filled than it already was.

Star Wars: Battlefront
Why not literally be in the game as this would be an amazing way to become a part of that Galaxy Far, Far away. First Person, Tauntaun rides anyone?


As hard as this game is for some, why not take it up a notch and a new dimension to the game and let people battle it out in a V.R. setting.

No Man’s Sky

Imagine being able to fully explore the impressive setting and landscape for the game using Playstation VR. The opportunities are endless for sure.
We would love to hear your suggestions, please feel free to comment below on what games you would love to see come to the Playstation VR and which past games do you think would be ideal for the new technology.