Three Fourths Home

Three Fourths Home is an interactive choose your own path book made by Bracket games it was released March 20, 2015. Now this gets the award for the most vague game of the year, when it comes to games like this the first thing to think about is early childhood vtech reading games but no this is far from that its way more interesting.

Now there are games where you have to read exposition text A Link Between Worlds, Castlevania etc.. and then there’s games where you have to read the entire plot (not many but they’re out there) such as this vague bittersweet video game. Personally I would rather this be a book in and out of itself but then you wouldn’t have the choice of what to say in which this game strives on, (your decisions) Now there’s no major decision like you can’t choose whether or not to kill someone but you can decide whether or not to be a complete smartass to your parents over the phone. The entire game is dedicated to these sort of decisions and there’s something enjoyable about that. The dialogue in this game is unbelievable it made me feel like I was the protagonist, and that’s admirable for the most part.

For the actual plot I can’t necessarily say there is any there’s only dialogue and a specific task. You play as Kelly and your task is to get home safe (driving) and you do that by holding down the R2 button for a whole hour while reading and making decisions of what to say to your mom (normal mom) , dad (drunk) , and brother Ben (weirdo) those are the only characters you talk to in the game. There’s multiple issues going on in the game such as Kelly dropping out of college, Dad being an alcoholic, Dad losing a limb and way more once you get into it.

Its about a 2 hour experience with tons of extras to try and get you “invested” but the only thing it does is make you wonder whether or not there was an actual point to the story when honestly I don’t think there is. There’s some good music in the extras menu that I think is really worth listening too, there’s also a photo gallery and another gallery full of stories to read I guess to understand the story abit more but again I don’t think there is a legit story just dialogue unless I missed something or made a wrong choice there’s nothing to this game except really good dialogue and good music (in the menu). If you are looking for a good interactive story go for it but if not I suggest not spending money on it.