Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2015: Opening Panel And Images

This past weekend, thousands of Playstation fans gathered at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco for the 2015 Playstation Experience. The Expo was a celebration of all things Playstation, and with

300 pound security guards surrounding the entrance helping check anxious guests into the show we could see that we were in for a special event.

For two days The Moscone West was transformed with 20 foot led monitors, as we gathered for the opening address. The show opened with a cinematic of Uncharted which caused the audience to goes wild as the show was underway. As exciting as this was, when Shawn Layden stepped on stage to introduce the Final Fantasy 7: remake trailer. The crowd had a meltdown and this was just the tip of the iceberg.

The news came pouring out during the show which included the following highlights…

Battleborn supporting couch co-op and an Open beta is scheduled for early 2016 and there will be 25 playable characters including a recently announce penguin in a mech suit. A new commercial for Street Fighter V followed along with the introduction of a new character, F.A.N.G who will give players a new dimension of gameplay when the game arrives in 2016

Other games of note were Deaths Gambit– castle aria looking side scroller, Eagle Flight, The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. Job Simulator-2050 and,not that golem. 100ft Robot Golf for the Playstation VR was a huge yes for fans as it shows the fun and great potential for the new VR system. Ace Combat 7:

Destiny: the Taken King announced that a Sparrow Racing League would debuts in game on December 8th and bring a new option for fun to the growing Destiny Universe.
Other games of note were Hob: 3rd person puzzle play Ni no Kuni 2: Revanant Kingdom, Psychonauts 2, King of Fight, and Paragon.

Much like their announcement last year of a remastered Grim Fandango, there was news that the popular game Full Throttle was being remastered for the PS4 system as well.

The Playstation VR continued to impress and the audience was told that development continues, but nothing yet on price and availability aside from a 2016 release.

Sony continued top wow fans all weekend long and we will be posting more of our coverage and images soon. For now, Sony continues to show why they have had such a huge success with the Playstation 4, as they continue to keep a wide-range of games and new technology coming for the system which continues to keep them ahead of the game.