What Nintendo Did Right In 2015

Nintendo roughly stands for ‘Leave Luck To Heaven’ and this year I can honestly say Nintendo did what they’re name intends. Even at the loss of their President Satoru Iwata Nintendo managed to push boundaries and break limits with game releases, DLC releases and a ton of announcements for the future. Although E3 was a bit of a rough patch they definitely made up for themselves with the things I’m about to mention so right now going into the new year I’m going to list the things Nintendo did right in 2015 whether or not any of these were leaked they turned out to be really swell for the Japanese based company. (Not in any particular order)

Earthbound Beginnings
Now nobody expected this, a day before E3 Nintendo announced they are bringing the first Mother game to the Wii Virtual Console. The Mother series outside of being represented in Smash bros was relatively forgotten about from Nintendo for the longest time however had a strong fanbase to back it up, and when I say strong I mean it from sending Nintendo a whole book filled with art, petitions, and music remixes. The fanbase for the series shows a lot of dedication and love that Nintendo took to heart along with that Mother news we also got something else unsuspecting from the Mother series.

Smash bros DLC
Alright now this was really huge, with DLC for one of the biggest fighting games to date we got Ryu (Street Fighter) Bayonetta (Bayonetta) Cloud (Final Fantasy) Corrin (Fire Emblem Fates) joining the roster of Smash along with veterans Lucas (Mother 3) Mewtwo (Pokemon) and Roy (Fire Emblem) we also got other DLC in the form of costumes and stages which is needed for another list but right now it’s all about the fighters. Nintendo went all out with this adding more third party characters in this game and I think that shows the love they’re putting into this game is far beyond any other series in Nintendo’s library. It’s a literal breakthrough in fighting games or video games in general. I’m deeply in love with all the characters they put in Smash and I really hope Sakarai (Director of Smash) and everyone else who worked on the game take a long needed vacation after all of this is through the final characters are set to be released on February

The Games themselves
Instead of diving in-depth with all games separately I decided to keep all of them in one place. The games this year were Almost all amazing I say Almost because there were acouple misses such as certain Tennis and certain Parties but among those Tennis Parties were things like Super Mario Maker, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Splatoon. Nintendo had proven that they could bring a franchise that has been through almost everything imaginable and turn it into something new, they could develop complete new IP turn it into a phenomenon and even make a sequel to a game that isn’t known well and turn it into something huge and exciting. I’m really into what they do next year it seems as though a vast majority of things they’re doing are setting for January and February and I’m perfectly fine with that. Nintendo has lost a leader this year as well proving that they really did Leave Luck With Heaven.