Touched With Fire

Touched with Fire is a very depressing movie. As a person diagnoses with bipolar disorder, there are touches of reality in seeing the characters dealing with mania and depression. The problem with the movie is it shows the extreme of this mental illness. The characters in mania putting their lives in danger. The family only worried about the negative aspects of the disorder. This needs to be said..not everyone with bipolar disorder acts like this. The family treating them poorly says a lot about the misunderstanding of the illness.

The story is a snapshot of all of the aspects of being bipolar. There are not medications that always work. There are not routines that can sidestep mania or depression.

On a good note, this does bring awareness to some of the bipolar geniuses throughout history. The book by psychologist Kay Redfield Jamison’s (who make a cameo appearance) 1993 Touched with Fire, is the inspiration for this movie. She shows the connection to bipolar and creativity.

When you see this movie, keep in mind, we are all weird in our own special ways. Don’t judge someone on their diagnosis or their rough times. You may miss the spark.

I give this movie 2.5 stars