The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure

Snoopy’s Grand Adventure has alot of heart for a game adaptation such so as the movie, difference is the movie knew what people wanted thus capitalized off of nostalgia alone. I’m gonna go easy since it’s just a money-grabber and kid’s game in the first place (can i blame them? Not really the Peanuts is a pretty big franchise) Now how did Behaviour Interactive plan on making so called money? By making a full retail rated E for everyone platformer (Ps1 styled). Now that’s a problem for a multitude of reasons and that’s not the game’s fault more of a marketing fail than anything. Personally this game would’ve made more and gained more attention if they released it on the online markets for about $14.00 and not a full $60.00, I feel as if games like these don’t really excite the kids anymore but as stated before this is more of a marketing fail than a fail on the game’s end, now how is the game?

As i said it’s a game adaptation of a (meh) movie that made it’s revenue from pure nostalgia alone, thats what the game is except it’s based off of a certain “plot” point in the movie with everyone’s favorite black and white dog. To be completely honest it’s not horrible by any means it just misses that certain mark for me maybe it’s because I’m a grown man or maybe it’s because Peanuts didn’t really hit any spots with me as a kid. Outside it’s nostalgic roots it’s a simple game which includes running and jumping (+flying) It’s kinda bare bones for a full retail game and that’s what I mean there’s not alot to talk about except how much you could tell it was just a cash grab but if done right there could’ve been something here Put nostalgic characters in a video game and anyone would want to play especially someone as classic as Snoopy and it’s imperative that people would buy it, Spending 60$ on it though? Not by a long shot…As stated before there’s not alot to this game aside from it being a ‘Grand’ Snoopy ‘Adventure’.