Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Multiplayer Impressions

During the advanced look at Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, I spent some time playing the multiplayer portion of the pending game. I played with other fans who anxiously looking forward to the release of the game. Aside from the impressive graphics, The PS 4 exclusive title offers a very smooth and fast-paced gaming experience. This was evident there in my first multiplayer match when my character vaulted over an obstacle, climbed a wall, and then slid down a cable while firing upon an enemy below. To say this made a very good impression on me early would be an understatement. I did have some adjustment issues getting used to the combat mechanics of the game as I traditionally play my shooters on a PC with a mouse and keyboard. Weapons pulled and kicked so you simply couldn’t put your targeting reticule on an enemy and leave it there. There were also various options that I could choose from crosshairs that work best for me. I played in the assault class but notice that they would be other classes available as well. In time I learned that if you can’t take an enemy out entirely on your own, you can still earn valuable cash by taking them out while they’re down, assisting in taking them down, and helping teammates in the. Cash is definitely King as you can use it to get valuable parks such as a heavy weapon and a companion who will assist you when the combat gets tight. I can tell you that an RPG is a fantastic equalizer when you’re learning the ropes as it certainly make short work of anybody in the blast radius.

My second map did not go as well as it was set at night and it was at times difficult to find the enemy until they were right on top of you. Nevertheless the detail level of the map was extremely impressive, as was the ability to delete from ledge to ledge and scale with your grappling hook.
My third mission was a bit more successful as I not only dispatched a couple of enemy units; I learned how to break out of holds that an enemy was attempting to subdue me with. Rapidly tapping the triangle key allowed me too rapidly although my opponent in the solar plexus until they released me. At this point I can either shoot them argument good smack upside the head for their efforts. Far too often my teammates swarmed to my defense and we had a field day picking off opponents who are on the ground in need of assistance. It’s great fun when you’re not the one on the ground begging for help to be the one doling out the final justice.

Like anything as you play your experience grows, and I eventually started to get comfortable with the numerous options the game presented for players with varying styles and abilities.
There were numerous characters to choose from in the menu and the sound effects were as impressive as the graphics for the game.
From fast and varied gameplay, to the highly detailed settings and intense action, this looks like another massive smash for Sony and Naughty Dog and an absolute must own for PS 4 Users as I had an absolute blast with this very impressive looking game.