We Talk Deadpool With Actor Hugh Scott

As part of our March magazine, we have a special interview with actor Hugh Scott about his role in the smash film “Deadpool”. Here is what the versatile and talented actor had to say about his experiences with the film.


What can you tell us about your character in Deadpool and how you prepared for the role?

I play a character named “David Cunningham”, who is based on the character “Worm Cunningham” from the original Deadpool comics. He’s a friend to Wade Wilson as Wade Wilson is undergoing horrific treatments to gain mutant powers. I prepare for each role differently, for this one, I had to do a lot of research to get up to speed with the very specific world and tone of Deadpool. The most important thing about my character is that he gives the audience a glimpse into Deadpool’s inner psyche during the origin story, so I really tried to focus on our friendship and what it means to have a friend when one feels hopeless. I may have stolen a little from Shawshank Redemption as well. As far as the intense character work, I have to thank the awesome people in the makeup department because they did a lot of that work for me.

How much knowledge did you have of Deadpool prior to being cast and do you have a favorite Marvel film and character?


I was definitely aware of Deadpool but I did not qualify as a super fan. To be honest, the script they sent me for the audition was a decoy script, with a lot of names changed and a fake title, so I had no idea I was reading for such a juggernaut of a movie. I’m thankful for that, or I probably would have been too nervous to do the work! Once I got the role, I definitely joined the legion of Deadpool fans. I love the humor in the comics and I love how conflicted and flawed Deadpool is as a character. It makes for way more interesting story lines.


What are some of your favorite memories on the film and what was working with Ryan like?

Ryan was great. He was a head producer on the film and he and director Tim Miller were very much in lockstep throughout the shoot. One thing I really admire about Ryan is that as busy as he was, he still made time for a child involved with the Make-A-Wish foundation to come visit him on set. I think that says a lot about his personal character. More humorously, when Ryan and his stunt double were both in full makeup and in Deadpool’s body suit, I could not tell the difference between the two. I’d have a conversation with one of them for a few minutes before it dawned on me who I was actually talking to.


How did you get into acting and what would you say was your big break?


I got into acting similar to a lot of people: through doing school plays and taking courses in college. I was lucky enough to get my SAG card while I was still in school through appearing in commercials, and I think that helped me. I would definitely say being in Deadpool is my biggest break.


What would you say are the biggest differences between film and television and do you have a preference?


I’ve played a lot of bad guys on TV crime shows and I’ve had a lot of fun doing it. I really love the pace on feature films. My experience is that there is a level of care and attention that directors bring to the film set that the hectic TV schedule does not allow. That said, I’ve done only guest stars and recurring roles on TV, and I’d be really excited about the prospect of inhabiting the same character for an extended period of time in a long running TV show.


What do you like to do in your free time?


I’ve just started doing yoga and it’s pretty funny to watch me try. I’m definitely game for any kind of road trip that involves hiking and the outdoors. Like almost everyone else in America in this day and age, I am hopelessly addicted to Netflix.


Anything else coming up we should look forward to?

I recently recorded a role in the family comedy feature PUPSTAR. I was excited for that because I play a Scottish talking dog and my grandfather was Scottish. It was also fun because, after doing something R-Rated and playing so many bad guy roles, this will be something my niece and nephew will enjoy.

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