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Published on March 24th, 2016 | by Genevieve Mc Bride


New Enemies and Allies Arrive in Master of Orion

More Races, a New Path to Victory and Other Improvements Come with the Latest Stage of Early Access

March 24, 2016 — Master of Orion’s galaxy is expanding further. Beginning tomorrow, March 25, the second phase of Early Access starts, delivering more races to play and dominate the galaxy. Explorers can wield the power of the hive with the Klackon, control the technological might of the Meklar, or harness the ruthlessness of the Terran—an original race exclusive to the Master of Orion Collector’s Edition. A new victory condition has also been added: Technological.

The Klackon are an insectoid alien race. Their hive mind allows them to work collectively to develop tech rapidly and can build a large fleet in a heartbeat—perfect for a head-on strategy. The hyper-logical and mechanical Meklar may not be the most industrious, but they are masters of technology and can produce fleets of huge ships.

The Terran, a twisted off-shoot of the Human race, has spent millennia in deep space preparing for war. They are skilled at engineering and have the ability to create powerful ships at a reduced cost. You don’t have to be genius to know that you should focus on growing your army to dominate space. However, if you want to keep some enemies close, the Terran can strongly influence the Galactic Council thanks to their commanding nature.

If, for some reason, this selection of aliens doesn’t quite fulfill your game plan, you can now create your own custom race, mixing and matching the different attributes of the existing races. Custom races are perfect for exploring new ways to conquer the stars and the possibilities are endless. Ever wanted to see what the intellectual and reserved Psilons would be like if they had the skills to become warmongers? Now you can.

The second phase of Early Access also brings a new path to victory: Technological. Dominate the galaxy through your research prowess by unlocking technologies and become the first to complete massive tech achievements and feats of engineering.

massive tech achievements and feats of engineering.

Early Access is NGD Studios’ opportunity to collect player feedback, and the team has been listening. So far, the team has improved Tactical Battles, enhanced AI, added ship design and implemented new levels of difficulty.

The NGD team still want your feedback, so why not join the over 50,000 intrepid “Masters of Orion” already playing and make the game greater together with NGD Studios and the WG Labs Team?

Fans can also check out the latest Master of Orion Developer Diary. In it, the crew at NGD Studios take you through the creation of their distinct art assets and race design:

About Master of Orion

Master of Orion is a modern rebirth of the critically acclaimed sci-fi strategy game. The forerunner of the influential “4X” style, Master of Orion builds on the iconic eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate gameplay that the original game pioneered. This reimagined title stays true to its legacy, delivering on the promise of deep strategy, hard fought battles, diplomacy, and exploration—all with a healthy dash of humor.

Players can expect a fresh perspective on the original 10 races, each offering different styles of play. Within thousands of ever-changing galaxies, hundreds of unique technologies, and dozens of ships waiting to be tested, no two games will ever be the same.

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