Disney’s Beauty And The Beast: Mesa Arts Center

Some Disney magic arrived at the Mesa Arts Center last night with the arrival of Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The smash Broadway production has brought the touring cast to town through March 30th and it is a show not to be missed.

The story follows the animated film as it tells of a French girl named Belle who is a free-spirit and looks to see the adventures and wonders of the world she has so far only experienced in her books.

When fate has her land in the palace of the Beast, she must adapt to the surly and scary creature as well as his charming band of animated servants such as a teapot, candle, and clock, who delight the audience with their antics.

The Beast is cursed by an ancient spell and must find a way to find true love to break the spell or be forever doomed to spend eternity as the creature he has become.

The show gives plenty of the amazing music that has won numerous awards and the classic compositions from Alan Menken and Howard Ashman that delighted the audience of all ages and was performed to perfection by the talented cast.

The production has amazing sets and costumes and cleverly builds up as at first it would be easy to say the film is a campy musical aimed for a family audience, but the production ramps up with a very inspiring rendition of “Be Our Guest” with dazzling sets, costumes, and effects, which are truly amazing to behold.

I have attended many New York productions in some of the biggest and most famous venues in New York and I can honestly say that the venue, production value, and splendor of this production rival the best that Broadway can offer and that the Mesa Arts Center truly is a first-rate venue to experience the production.

The show runs through March 30th and is one that is something you will want to experience as it is filled with laughs, music, and dance, and is not to be missed.

For tickets and more information, please check out the link below.

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