Goliath Reveals New Trailer And Release Date


Craft Giant Robots and Punch Monsters in the Face

Eden Prairie, Minnesota – March 30, 2016 – Octopus Tree, a new publisher focused on bringing exceptional indie titles to gamers worldwide, announced today that its award-winning premiere action title, Goliath, is coming to Steam on May 12, 2016. An open-world, action-adventure game with crafting and role-playing elements, Goliath is set in a universe where players build and customize massive robots to overcome the challenges they face.


“Many of us grew up playing with toy robots, imagining we were in control of them,” said Jeremy Zoss, Marketing Manager for Octopus Tree. “Goliath delivers that experience, as players can fully customize and control mechanical giants with four-player co-op in an all-out battle for world domination.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Octopus Tree on Goliath,” said Artem Bochkarev, Producer at Goliath developer Whalebox Studio. “We have worked extremely close with the team at Octopus Tree since the start of development, and together we have made Goliath the best game it can be.”

Goliath puts players in a world where massive monsters roam freely and gamers scavenge for resources and materials to create powerful giant robots called Goliaths. Goliaths can be customized and outfitted with weapons for various situations and battle preferences. Players can also create items and tools, build their fortress and find new allies, and choose which factions to support in the war that is sweeping across the world.

Goliath Game Features:

  • Build, Create and Destroy: Construct and customize giant Goliath robots, crafted from the materials found and tools earned along your journey to help level the playing field against the world’s colossal beasts.
  • Living World: Procedurally generated environments, quests and events, and a living ecosystem with changing weather and day and night cycles ensure that no two games of Goliath will ever be the same.
  • Adapt to Your Environment: Players must consider how different weather conditions affect various Goliath types while interacting with countless creatures to hunt and fight.
  • Boss Battles: Battle gigantic bosses that dwarf your massive mechanized warriors!
  • Cooperative Multiplayer: Goliath supports four-player co-op. Each player’s world has unique quests and rewards, and any loot you earn in co-op can be used in single-player mode.
  • Play Your Way: Choose one of several factions in a massive war that’s sweeping the land and determine who will come out on top. Players can build a fortified base to take on everyone or take on the role of a roaming nomad.