We Talk Deadly Famous With Daniel O’Meara

Daniel O’Meara plays an actor who’ll do anything to reclaim fame in the new release Deadly Famous.



The film is getting a lot of great buzz online. How rewarding is that?

Very. Wonderful its getting noticed. Alan Miller is chuckling. This is what he lives for.

Seriously Eric (Troop) and Jim (Lane) put a lot into getting this film made. A lot of graft to get it to where it was distributed.


Do good reviews for films open doors for those involved, too?

Hope so. You hope the fruits of all our labours get rewarded. It certainly helps to get some good reviews.


How would you describe the film?

A very dark, character driven, with some black humour/ Horror/ Thriller. It’s a film based on a true story. This is the very dark side of Hollywood. There are Alan Miller types lurking in and around the nooks and crannies of Hollywood .

As much as it is an entertaining film, you can almost believe this could actually happen. Do you agree?

I do. As said, there are Alan Miller clones out there. Maybe not as extreme. Some potentially are. These embittered actors / producers/ photographers you name it, who prey on young hopefuls. Playing the Svengali angle . They have dark ulterior motives. It’s an old Hollywood tale. You can see these Alan types sidling up to young ingénues espousing their bullshit. Of course their bullshit is well honed. Some are out of their minds. Ready to explode.

Know any child stars that have gone a little off-the-rails?

I do. I’ll be discreet for once though.

You were involved in Disney’s John Carter. What are your memories of it? Sad it didn’t do better?

I just had a fleeting cameo. A spit and a cough. Good memories. Shame it didn’t do better .You feel for the director. Andrew Stanton is a nice guy. Talented !


Deadly Famous is now on DVD and VOD from Indican Pictures