Few would disagree that a television is a major investment or a key point of a living room. With sets becoming bigger and bigger, the option as to how to properly mount, secure, and utilize them has largely been limited to two options.

Television owners can mount the set on a stand and place it on a shelf or cabinet, or they can fix the screen firmly to the wall in a set position.

Thankfully MantelMount is a device made of very solid materials that is easy to install and use on televisions 48-80 inches in size.

The unit comes with an arm which can be raised, lowered, and moved from side to side. The unit is versatile and sturdy and also allows owners to mount the device over a fireplace if desired.

The handles are heat sensing so for those who decide to mount near a heat source, at 110 degrees, the handles turn red which allows users to move the set further from the heat source, or eliminate the heat should that be desired.

The set comes with a five year warranty and the manufacturers say it should be able to handle most if not all of the curved screen televisions on the market as well.

The unit is sleek, sturdy, and very versatile and once installed will provide users with an endless array of options for their viewing pleasure.

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