Crucial Ballistix Tactical LP

With the next wave of video games being even more intensive and demanding in terms of their hardware requirements, having a fast CPU and powerful Graphics Card are essentials to being able to play the games as they were intended. I have heard from readers how they had to scale back the graphics of a pending game that they’re currently testing and beta phase or a new release simply because their hardware that is no longer up to the task. This can be a very pricey process as a new card can cost $300 or more and roughly the same for a new board and processor should you not be able to land a bargain. Thankfully there is another solution at hand which may help resolve the problem for a fraction of the cost.

Crucial has an affordable yet fast endurable upgrade kit that will add 16GB of DDR 3 memory to your system and will drastically improve your overall performance. Comprised of four 4GB chips, the Crucial Ballistix Tactical are low profile chips in that they do not stand as high as other chips yet still, the protective cover to help protect the chips during installation and from heat and dust during operation.

This is exceptionally good news for folks with larger hands or those with smaller cases as being able to easily install memory without having to navigate a maze of cables is always desirable. The units also are low voltage which is another great feature for gamers and desktop users who rely on their systems for extended use on a regular basis.
The RAM installed very quickly on our test unit and booted up approximately a third faster than the previous RAM that was in the system under Windows 10. Desktop operations were smooth and reliable and I was able to do multiple functions with ease including uploading video while writing articles and browsing the web.

Naturally the focus is on gaming for us during our test and I’m pleased to say that the RAM held up exceptionally well and performed flawlessly during our tests. On betas for DOOM and Battleborn the games ran error-free, fast, and smooth and high graphical settings and did not have any noticeable glitches or issues. The same results occurred playing the latest DLC for EA Star Wars Battlefront and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. No matter what we threw at it, the Crucial Ballistix Tactical Ram was up to the challenge and performed at a level that exceeded our expectations. For many people RAM is something that once in a system you know what I have to think about until it is time to upgrade and Crucial has provided a very high-performance product that will give you years of dependable and exceptional use.

You are looking to upgrade your computer this is definitely one investment I would strongly suggest.