Flying off the track and onto Steam comes the hot new racing game, PolyRace, from the developers at Binary Dream. Published by Plug in the Digital Label, PolyRace is a rip-roaring racing game using polygon design and boasting a procedural level generator. You have a choice of racing through mountains, deserts, and a frozen tundra on 1 of 4 different, turbo-charged hovercrafts, each one boasting its own unique physics properties and futuristic design.

From the get go, PolyRace is a fast-paced racer that will pit you against randomized terrains filled with pitfalls, obstacles, and unforgiving rock formations. Hitting one while burning up the track will deplete your vehicle’s shields and deplete your brain all over the inside windshield. You’ll have to react quickly as you bank, veer, and dodge through the courses in order to reach your goal safely. As if the blistering pace, tight controls, and unyielding tracks weren’t enough, PolyRace boasts a futuristic, synthesized, albeit slightly repetitive, soundtrack, which does its job to add a sense of rhythm and excitement to the courses.

PolyRace does lose its speed boost after a few hours, though. While BinaryDream added some additional features for players to discover, like unlockable goals, an increasing difficulty level, achievement medals, new tracks, and some additional play styles like a Time Attack and Ghost Race, they do little to add any new type of flair to PolyRace. While racing games are perhaps known for their slightly skimpy bonus features, PolyRace does little to deliver anything new or noteworthy beyond its basic concept.

While it’s quick to entice racers right out of the gate, players will most likely find themselves running on ‘E’ after a few play-throughs. If you are a race-game lover you may want to buckle up and give PolyRace a try. For the more casual driver you may want to leave this little number in the garage.

PolyRace is currently available on Steam for $12.99