How The Release Of The PlayStation 4 Neo May Create A Bigger Demand For The PlayStation 4 Classic System

Recently I did an article asking if the rumored release of the Playstation 4 Neo and Playstation V.R. was too much of a demand on consumers. I got a very interesting mix of responses which ranged from people saying that since consumers have a choice; it is not too much to ask. Others expressed frustration and anger stating that they think that there initial faith and investment in the PS4 was a bad decision in light of what is to come.

Others were very happy over this and could not wait for the new hardware, while another group said to me that this is Sony admitting that the Playstation V.R. will not run as intended on the PS4 so an upgrade was needed.

Regardless of what side of the debate you are on, I started thinking about a comment that kept popping up over and over. Many thought that big retailers such as GameStop will likely offer nice trade in options for the PS4 owners who wish to purchase Playstation 4 Neo. With a price of $299.99 currently offering existing PS 4 owners the chance to trade in their current system for a Playstation 4 Neo at say $200 would likely make this switch easier on consumers, especially those like myself who have already ordered the Playstation V.R.

What got me thinking was a memory of how when the PS3 arrived, the PS2 dropped in price and enjoyed huge sales for years after the release of the PS3 as the vast array of titles and affordable price made it very appealing for those who could not handle the high launch price of the PS3.

Sony has admitted that the high price point of the PS3 at launch was a problem for many consumers and they have been very careful to price the PS4 and Playstation V.R. at a more acceptable price for consumers.

If you can forgive me for bringing up the Holiday shopping season in April, Sony will have a range of options for consumers to select. If we do indeed see Playstation 4 Neo, and Playstation V.R. both in stores this fall, I have to wonder what will become of the millions of traded in PS4 systems that will result from the upgrades and those that are boxed and waiting to be sold.

It is quite possible and very likely that the base PS4 will see a price reduction which between the new system and old one, will result in even more market saturation for Sony as those who have yet to make the leap or who cannot afford a PS4, may find a $200.00 unit an option that they cannot pass up especially since it has been reported that all future PS4 games that run on the Neo will also run on the PS4.

Whatever the outcome, these are interesting time for gamers and with the rumors of an enhanced Xbox and the next Nintendo system continuing to emerge, gamers will have an array of choices and decisions presented to them.