Experience The Flight Of The Hippogriff


“Flight of the Hippogriff”

Within “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” the enchanting family coaster, “Flight of the Hippogriff” debuts as Universal Studios Hollywood’s first outdoor coaster.


On their way to a Hippogriff training flight, guests enter the Care of Magical Creatures grounds, where sounds of creatures can be heard in the distance. The winding path leads visitors through Hagrid’s pumpkin patch and by Hagrid’s Hut where Fang’s booming barks and occasional wails emanate from within the walls.


As visitors pass his hut, Hagrid instructs them on how to properly approach a Hippogriff. Once Hagrid’s lesson is complete, guests climb aboard two-seat wicker baskets that string together to form the Hippogriff and begin their training flight, where in fact, they will spot a Hippogriff in its nest.