We Talk Mother’s Day With Actress Gianna Simone

Recently we spoke with actress Gianna Simone about her role in the new film “Mother’s Day” as well as her foundation and career. Gianna was kind enough to tell us all the details of her role and upcoming projects.


What can you tell us about your character in Mother’s Day?

I play “Val” a 9 month pregnant mom to be. Val is the character that represents the new beginnings of motherhood in this story. It’s a very special time in a mom’s journey, and I was really excited to bring this character to life. She is also coworkers and close friends with “Kristen” played by Brit Robertson. Who plays Julia Robert’s estranged daughter.


What can you tell us about your character and how you prepared for the role?

I practiced my “waddle” with one of those big water jugs. As I would walk with it pressed against my belly I would have the urge to pee! I said “Wow this is what it must really be like!” I also did a lot of research on the entire birth process. Not only is that part overwhelming, but there are so many options out there on how to deliver. It definitely gave me a respect for what all moms go through. It also gave me a lot of great things to learn ahead of time, for when I go down this path in life.

How was working with such a cast of stars and any great moments from filming you can share?

It’s always thrilling to work alongside people who are masters at what they do. When I learn new things, I choose to learn from the best of the best, so I can become that. It is this way with acting, as well. When you are around other great talent it can only bring you up. Not only is the cast amazing, but our director, Garry Marshall, is one of the sweetest directors, on set he would walk by, smile, say “You’re doing great!” and just give me a kiss. THE BEST!

How did you get into acting and what was your big break?

I originally had a burning desire to model and only model, but as I got my modeling portfolio done and began shopping it around to agencies, I was rejected many times and was told to act instead. Naturally this made me push harder and fight for it more, meanwhile not wanting to act. Eventually becoming successful in modeling, I ironically fell in love with acting. I realized this when friends and coworkers would tell me I took on characters and projected something from the inside when I was in front of the camera. As I began to transition into acting I moved from Boston to LA, and took every great opportunity that came my way. One day I got a call to go into an audition for an untitled feature film and got a part, which ended up being “Star Trek Into Darkness”. To be part of such an iconic film was a great honor and a blessing to move forward from.


When you consider a script or a potential TV or film project, what elements do you look for in the story and character and what types of projects would you like to do in the future?

I look at the project overall. The script, director, the fellow cast, how I relate to the character and if I feel compelled to play that part. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed, with so much passion and urge to play a specific part. When that spark happens, I follow it and act on it. The ultimate roles to play in the coming years are in an action film, a real gritty drama, and a love story. I love strong female characters like a warrior queen or Wonder Woman.

What can you share with us about your foundation?

I have encountered things in life that have inspired me to help, and to also make a difference. So I decided to start a foundation based on the change and improvement in certain areas I wanted to see. One is improving foster youths lives, especially while in the custody of the state. I was in foster care growing up and I know firsthand the horrors of what a kid goes through when this happens. It took one person to show me love and compassion, and it changed my life for the better. That’s what I hope to do for the youth I encounter. We work with Maryvale, a foster youth facility in Rosemead CA. In the education area, we work directly with Kigali University in Rwanda, providing college scholarships to survivors of the 1994 genocide. In the area of animal welfare we work with Wings of rescue an organization that flies animals that were going to be killed in shelters, to forever homes and rescue organizations, in private airplanes, up and down the west coast in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Canada. We are also just beginning a new venture of connecting foster youth with local farm sanctuaries on special field trips, with compassion being the common theme that unifies all the areas of action. The Gianna Simone Foundation – Love, Gianna

When you’re not filming, what do you like to do?

I do aerial silks several times a week, and I’m learning to speak Italian, play the piano and guitar right now. I am on a learning kick! I also love to relax with friends, family and my dogs whenever I can.

What else do you have upcoming?

I just wrapped a 10 episode sitcom called “Hitting the Breaks” that I co-produced with PureFlix Entertainment. I play Sky Liberty, a vegan, rebel, and a hippie. I wanted to make being vegan cool, because it is. With heart disease being the #1 killer in America, and a plant based diet being able to wipe that out entirely, America needs this positive message brought to them in a cool, fun loving way. I’m really excited for it to be released.

Photo Courtesy of Anderson Group Public Relations