CHASM” PAX East 2016

CHASM, the upcoming dungeon explorer from the brilliant minds at Bit Kid Games, is looking to make its mark in the field of Metroidvania games. Considering the CHASM booth was happily snuggled up next door to the Axiom Prime team at PAX, people were understandably taking notice. With Axiom Verge’s success and continued hype, it was a great way to get the PAX public to take notice.

CHASM stars a hero named Daltyn who answers a call for help from a remote mining town. The town is mysteriously deserted and Daltyn’s only clues lead him deep, DEEP beneath the town into ancient and sprawling tunnels and, as the name suggests, chasms. Daltyn’s world is quickly turned upside down as he is beset upon by hordes of undead, demons, monsters, and other terrible things that have been living in the darkness.

CHASM designers were happy to brag about their choice to use a procedurally-assembled crafting system that makes every single room unique and different every time you play, leading to a huge upswing in replayability. Adding to CHASM’s appeal is its simple yet compelling pixel art design. While its choice of pixel art had mixed reviews from spectators and play-testers, the game spoke for itself with tight controls, a great set of primary and secondary attacks, and magic.

Boasting hours of gameplay filled with dungeon exploration, boss brawls, hidden secrets and plenty of loot to boot, CHASM looks to be a solid contribution to the Metroidvania genre. CHASM is set to drop for PS4 and Steam sometime in 2016.