Marvel Contest of Champions Brings Civil War To Gamers

Marvel Contest of Champions is bringing a new “Civil War” event to Marvel’s popular mobile brawler in a move that let’s players decide – are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man? The Marvel Contest of Champions social pages are also going to debut an exclusive spot from the movie. Visit Marvel Contest of Champions on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

A line is beginning to divide the Champions in The Contest as the two leaders go head-to-head in one of the fiercest in-game battles yet. Captain America wants to plan an elaborate escape from The Contest and free his fellow Champions from their crystal enclosures; Tony Stark/Iron Man wants to find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes to win the Ultimate Prize from The Collector and harness the untold power of the Contest. Loyalties are split, friendships are tested and only one will rise from the space dust in glory. Whose side will you choose?

Team Cap vs. Team Iron Man – Civil War Takes Over the Marvel Contest of Champions Mobile Game

New Gameplay Features Entering The Contest:

· Choose your faction and participate in an exclusive “Civil War” in-game quest – are you Team Cap (Blue) or Team Iron Man (Iron)?

o Earn Liberty Shards from the Blue Faction side or Initiative Shards from the Iron Faction side. These Faction specific Shards can be spent on 3 Tiers of Faction Crystals at various Shard costs.

o You will receive a Boost specific to your Faction that will remain in effect as long as you remain committed to that Faction.

o There are two Event Quests and depending on which Faction you choose, you will either help Captain America and his loyal Blue Faction escape the Battlerealm or aid Iron Man and his stalwart Iron Faction win the ISO-Sphere! The progress of completed Quests will remain for each Faction Event Quest regardless of the Faction you choose, however, you will only be able to participate in the quests for the Faction you have currently chosen.

· Solo Events: Earn Milestone Rewards and compete for Rank Rewards in a new Solo Event feature. “Civil War” Solo Events are just the beginning! These constantly-evolving events will vary in length, requirements, and prizes – so log in regularly to check them out! Global Leaderboards – how do you rank against the rest of the world? Find out now!

Marvel Contest of Champions is available for free on Google Play™, as well as on the App Store® for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® or at

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