Swordfish Reveals More Warcraft Tech Products

Swordfish Tech’s Announces New High-End Warcraft Movie Collectible Product Line-up
Consumer electronics can be collectibles, too!

CHINO, CA – April 29, 2016 – Swordfish Tech is pleased to announce its “Warcraft” movie Collectible Electronics lineup of products for Spring 2016. The inaugural launch lineup will feature collectible Power Banks, Phone Docks and Charging Cords, depicting characters, weapons and themes from the Warcraft feature film. Each item features industry leading sculpt and paint detail on the outside, with trusted electronics hardware components on the inside, and allow fans to take the fantasy on the go!

Warcraft is an action-adventure fantasy film, based on the global MMORPG gaming phenomenon, World Of Warcraft. Directed by Duncan Jones (“Moon” and “Source Code”), and is co-written by Duncan Jones, Charles Leavitt and Chris Metzen. The film comes from Legendary Pictures, Universal Pictures, Atlas Entertainment and the game’s developer, Blizzard Entertainment, and is slated to release on June 10, 2016.

Swordfish Tech has partnered with Warcraft licensee, Maybang’s Collectibles, on this venture. Swordfish will helm production and global business development, while Maybang’s leads global product design and development for all licensed products.


Taking cues from the Warcraft film’s branding, the product line allows fans to choose between the Alliance or the Horde. Offering a range of Collectible Electronics based on iconic characters and weapons from the film, Warcraft fans can now proudly display their love of the movie as an art piece, while charging their mobile devices.

In the United States, Maybang’s Collectibles and Newegg.com will be the exclusive pre-order partner, from April 29th, 2016 to May 6th, 2016, with limited quantities of each model available at product launch.

For more product details, please visit www.swordfishusa.com or email [email protected]

About Swordfish: In 2013, a group of friends with a shared passion for toy collectibles and electronic gadgets set their sights on changing the way people viewed consumer electronics. The goal was to create products that could be proudly displayed on office desks, or next to toy collections at home, long after a new tech innovation rendered peripheral devices obsolete. No longer would consumer electronics wind up in attic boxes or the recycle bin, never to be seen, or used, again.

But they aren’t just toy collectors and gadget geeks! The Design & Development team has over 12-years of experience as in-house senior staff or freelance consultants for industry leading consumer products and entertainment companies. The Marketing and Operations team has over 15-years of experience as an online toy retailer and wholesaler, plus consumer electronics manufacturing, with distribution network that spans all major global sales channels.