BenQ VZ2470H Gaming Monitor

BenQ has done it again with the release of their VZ2470H gaming monitor. This sturdy and attractive 24 inch monitor provides a solid and durable unit with a winning mix of form and function. While the bezel on the unit may be small function of the monitor is unsurpassed. Boasting a 3000 to One Native Contrast Ration, the visual displays are absolutely amazing. I put the monitor through its paces with everything from gaming, to videos, and desktop applications and found it performed flawlessly time and time again. T

The 4ms GTG response time gave a very incredible gaming experience on everything from Fallout 4, Battleborn, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3, EA Star Wars Battlefront, The Overwatch Beta and DOOM to include but a few of the titles that it was tested on.

With an 11.4 ms input lag and 4ms response time you will find the unit to be perfect for your gaming needs for anyone who is not a professional gamer.

The unit also features zero flickering backlight which really helps reduce any eyestrain that you might get from extended use of the monitor and also makes your visuals absolutely shine.
Set up for the unit was extremely quick and we had it set up for HDMI output and less than 5 min. from unpacking. The screen area is wide and without a lot of margins encasing the screen it really makes the visuals stand out.

The monitor stand is a stylish one piece unit but aside from tilt, does not offer any other adjustments that some users may expect.

The maximum HD display of 1920 x 1080 with a 60 Hz refresh rate is very respectable for a 24 inch monitor as although it does not have the same pixel count as larger monitors naturally would, the visuals and response times were solid at 4ms. Two HDMI 1.4 ports are offered as well as 1 VGA port to give users plenty of options. The HDMI was really a simple plug and play process unike other monitors we have tested which required adjustments in a settings menu before we could enable HDMI output.

Another nice feature is the anti-glare layer on the monitor which one does not usually expect in a monitor in this price range.

The final game I tested the unit on was DOOM as I powered through 16+ hours of the campaign and was rewarded time and time again not only with eye-popping graphics, but with an extremely fast and smooth gaming experience that never once let me down even during the most frantic and pitched battles.

The unit also performed exceptionally well during our desktop applications and showed it is more than a one trick pony for gamers. With a retail price of approximately $239.99 and many locales selling it in the $179.99 range this is an extremely solid and dependable monitor that combines a very stylish look at high-performance with the fantastic technology that we have come to expect from BenQ. In summary, the VZ2470H is one of the finest gaming monitors we have ever reviewed and for its price point we found that outperformed other monitors priced significantly higher. As such, if you are looking for a solid and versatile monitor at a great price point, you will want to give this one a look.