Momocon 2016

By Jason Dragnell

A person’s first convention visit is always a fascinating and anticipated event. They never know what they may find while at the convention. From amazing cosplayers, tasty food, wonderful collectibles, exhilarating competitions, to breathtaking atmospheres, a convention can introduce an individual to many things the likes of which they have never seen. I am no exception.

My visit to MomoCon was not only the first time I visited the large-scale super conglomerate of event, but also the very first time I have been to a convention. However, I was vaguely aware of what to expect there prior to visiting. It wasn’t until I actually arrived at the convention that I became fully aware of what I was in for. Registration didn’t take too long. The line was relatively short and convenient. (Because I had signed up for Media Relations ahead of time) The staff were incredibly courteous and helpful, which made things a lot more comfortable and easier for an individual like myself.

Delving into the actual experience itself, it was absolutely stupefyingly wondrous. Many different people from all walks of life made appearances there. The cosplays ranged from simple but practical to completely mesmerizing. I mostly spent time taking pictures of all the wonderful cosplayers I saw that day. There were so many lovely cosplays that I could not keep track of them all. However, another element to the convention experience is the chance of meeting many celebrities you may or may not have been following your entire lives. I did not get to meet many celebrities but I did get to meet one I truly wanted to meet, even if the way we met up was completely unexpected. I will never forget this opportunity.

Overall, my excursion at MomoCon, while cut short, was absolutely satisfying. If I had to rate it, I would give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I hope I can get the chance to go next year for much longer, experience more along with friends who go as well, and cover much more on it.