Turtle Beach Elite Pro

Turtle Beach has done it again with the release of their latest headset. The Elite Pro Offers a tournament ready headset that is ideal for all your audio needs as it works across multiple platforms.

The unit is solidly built and very comfortable. The developers listed that it was ideal for users wearing glasses due to the design and I tested them with my NoScope glasses and did not even notice I had them on during extended play session.

The unit is modular in that there are accessories which can be purchased to enhance your audio experience. One item is the Elite Pro Tournament Audio Controller. The device easily installs and allows users four sliders to set their audio options as well as multiple modes for presets and surround mode. Combine this with a volume knob and the ability to install on consoles, PC, and mobile devices with ease; you get an idea of the options at your fingertips.

Another great add on is the noise cancelling microphone which is ideal for gamers looking to keep in touch with their team without any of the noise distractions from the world intruding on your game. This works very well and easily installed aby simply unplugging the microphone the headset came with and installing this with ease.

As great as it is for gaming, I actually found it ideal for when I was recording audio for the radio show or Skewedcasts as it filtered out any issues when I was working such as doorbells, barking dogs, or whatever.

While the unit is clearly designed for pro gamers who will wear it for extended periods of time, the developers also were dedicated to creating a solid and versatile unit that would be a one stop solution for all of your audio needs.

Some of the technical specs provided are as follows…


  • ComforTec Fit System – Revolutionary adjustment system for truly personalized comfort
  • Aerofit Ear Cushions – Delivering cooling comfort, better sound and passive noise isolation
  • ProSpecs Glasses Relief System – Patented technology alleviates ear cushion pressure for gamers who wear glasses
  • Pro Gaming Microphone with TruSpeak Technology – Professional grade microphone provides effortless communication with your squad
  • 50mm Nanoclear Speakers – Turtle Beach’s signature audio tuning delivers immersive game sound and crystal clear team chat.


I tested the unit on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, DOOM, EA Star Wars Battlefront, Uncharted 4: A Thieves End and Fallout 4: DLC as well as on numerous Videos and streaming movies and it worked like a charm. The comfort level of the unit was at a level unto itself and the solid audio quality gave me a very immersive experience.

What I really loved was how playing various games was like a new experience as soft steps to loud explosions took on a life of their own and really gave me a crisp audio experience.

The only issue I have encountered was that I heir faint crackling and distorted static from time to time when I have the headsets on and audio is not playing. Once I start a game or some music, this issue has gone away and in no way hinders my audio experience. Turtle Beach has responded promptly that they are looking into it but it is not an experience that appears to be widespread.

In the end, the Elite Pro is a solid, versatile and great sounding unit that is ideal for all of your gaming and audio needs on whatever platform you opt to use it.

4.5 stars out of 5.