Creation: Supernatural Convention Phoenix

Creation Entertainment’s Supernatural convention makes its way to Phoenix once again. I covered the event last time in 2015 and as soon as I walked in it seemed about the same. Same tier based ticketing system, and I understand why they do it. It gives diehard fans a once in a lifetime experience but with the front row being $1,500 and gold tier is $759 it’s a bit steep. Now I was only able to stay for a bit but I saw some fan music videos and Mark Shepherds who plays Crowley panel and it seemed like a very tight knit community As per usual Loudin Swain is the house band playing in guests and Richard Speight Jr. Who plays Gabriel in the show. While this convention is definitely directed towards the die hard fans it’s vendors hall had some neat stuff.

The vendors hall exhibited all things niche in the Supernatural Fandom, shirts, jewelry , ever so popular artwork and even head shots to get signed. I bought a piece of jewelry last year and it was pretty neat and not badly priced. Since last time I was here I will say the venue has improved. With a larger space in Glendale verse the downtown Sheraton, I didn’t feel as boxed in The vendors hall also had its own separate room verses the hallway outside the main stage it did in 2015. I also feel the amount of cosplay had tripled since last year which I think it’s great to see people getting into the spirit of the con.

All in all I would recommend this convention to diehard supernatural fans and enthusiasts. Just make sure to look into what type of ticket you wanna get: Gold, Silver, and Copper are special packages( also save up if you want one of these) and General is completely separate. Also photo ops sell out fast, so get on that if that’s your thing!

For more information, please check out Creation Entertainment