The Incredible Hulk Slots

Fans of Marvel and slots can now get both of their favorite pastimes in
one locale with
the exciting Hulk Slots pinball game. The online game
features the ability to wager real money and win big with everyone’s
favorite green hero.

Containing video from the film series the mood is set early on that this
is going to be a take no prisoners fun adventure that will have plenty of
the action that
Marvel fans have come to expect.

Consisting of a standard three by five rows, players can bet multiple or
individual lines as they attempt to match up numbers or icons in order to
win. A successful match brings animation to life as well as a rewarding
deposit into the player’s account.


The animations and action is a real draw as unlike so many themed slot
games, this one really feels like it is part of the Marvel Universe
instead of licensed merchandise. The use of images and sounds from the
film series goes a long way toward setting the player right into the
action and keeps them playing spin after spin.

Icons include helicopters, police cars, The Hulk, Green Ooze, K, J, Q, A,
10, 9, a nuclear symbol, the Incredible Hulk logo, and a smash bonus.
Re-spins are a great thrill as The Hulk appears and forces the screen into
two halves before he awards the bonus spins to the players.

Getting a combination does not only increase your account, but players are rewarded

With animations such as a green glow pulsing around the letters and a spinning radiation symbols.

Of course the title character himself also appears roaring with rage which is a real bonus for any winning spin.

As with most modern slot games, players have the option to stop the spin
once the first tile is in place and as such can take their chances with
what they get in one shot rather than waiting for all the wheels to
complete their turn.

Players can also select a Max Bet option which will spin all the wheels
and offers some great payouts for those lucky enough to land on the right


The game is really fun and thanks to the clever use of the license,
players are able to get caught up in the action and sites such as Mansion Casino let users
play for free in a practice mode so they can enjoy the game before decided
if they wish to play the paid version of the game where they can wager
real money and play anytime they like without having to travel to a

Regardless if you are a casual or seasoned player, The Incredible Hulk
slot game is a very fun and highly enjoyable game that will keep you
playing again and again and is a must experience for fans of both slots
and the Marvel Universe.

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