Phoenix Comicon 2016

I’ve been going to Phoenix Comicon for the past 7 years and from experience it has gotten bigger and better every year since my first one in 2009. This year like the past couple of years I worked with Skewed and Reviewed. The past couple years I have covered all the big conventions that happen in Arizona, and every time Phoenix Comicon is my favorite. The diverse attendee’s and the spectacular guests make it an all-star convention year after year.

This year I helped out with the Skewed and Reviewed booth and assisted with some of the panels, and it was a lot of fun! I mostly hung out in the Hall of Heroes, but let me tell you that space has doubled in popularity. As this convention grows my only wonder is if they are going to expand and use South Hall; since North and West are the two halls only in use including the streets they close off. From what I saw from Thursday which was originally just a preview night, it has become a full day of attendance with a large amount of people having panels and hitting the exhibitor hall floor.

Even with the plus 100 degree temperature attendee’s came out to show their love for all things pop culture. The lines this year like the last were handled beautifully and the staff was awesome especially when the Skewed and Reviewed Panel’s projector was acting up. Also the amount of cosplayers I feel have tripled since last year, which I find wonderful that people are giving it a try. As a cosplayer I feel like every time I go to a convention in costume it makes the experience even better. Comicon is always what you make of it and I love that in the seven years I’ve attended this convention I still find new things that excite me about this convention.

The convention staff uses the space they have available beautifully but with an ever growing attendance rate (This year they had 106,096 attendees!) I’m excited to see this convention expand in the future. With Fan Fest being moved to the downtown convention center and Keen Halloween adding to this convention’s line up, 2016 looks like it’s going to be a fantastic year for the Phoenix Comiccon team.