Playseat Reveals The L33T Gaming Chair

A gaming throne

With the Playseat® L33T you will be gaming like a king. The perfect mixed foam is soft enough for hours of gaming, yet sturdy enough to last long and provide optimal support. The patented and unique lightweight metal foot design has a sturdy rim as footrest, to put you in the ideal gaming position. The backrest can swivel forward for support during intense gaming sessions and thanks to full backwards swivel movement, you can take a rest afterwards, by putting the backrest in horizontal position. This is the throne kings game on!
For those who don’t know: the term l33t (also written as leet or 1337) is used to describe formidable prowess or accomplishment, especially in (online) gaming. It’s also the name of an alternative alphabet used on the internet and derived from the word elite. So L33T is a perfect name for an elite gaming chair that is made by and for gaming enthusiasts! Don’t be a noob, play like a pro



The best gaming chair for the ultimate gaming experience is finally here: Playseat® L33T! It doesn’t matter if you’re a shooter fan, play FIFA every day of the week or are conquering online worlds from your console or PC, with Playseat® L33T you will play like a pro! This elite gaming chair is truly tailored to the gamer, with optimal comfort and support for hours of gaming.

Limited stock available, pre-order now! To pre-order contact your Playseat® representative, use our contact form or send an e-mail to [email protected]