Warcraft Charging Accessories By Swordfish

Ask anyone who has ever attended a convention and they will tell you that keeping your electronics charged is a constant struggle. With so much to see and do, video, photos, social network updates, and uploads and streams drain the batteries faster than you can imagine.

Combine this with a lack of plugs or for us in the media, the choice of leaving the convention halls to charge up in the press area and you can see the issue. Portable batteries are nice, but they have a bad habit of not staying charged so when you go to use them there is often far less in them than you expected.

Enter Swordfish with their lineup of Warcraft themed devices that serve not only as collectibles, but as valuable resources for users on the go.

We first saw the items up close last January while covering C.E.S. in Las Vegas and were impressed by the highly detailed and attractive designs and artwork and figured as collectibles alone they would be of great interest to Warcraft fans. Thankfully they not only look great but perform well also.

The first item I reviewed was the Alliance Symbol power pack. Clad with the blue and gold lion, the pack lights up when charging and offer a fast charge option. With two USB ports, multiple devices can be charged at once and the unit will service and micro USB or Apple connection.

The sleek yet durable unit is easily transportable and offers a fast and effective recharge for your devices. We plan to stress test it at our coverage of San Diego Comic Con in a few weeks and are grateful to have it in our stable of recharge options.

The second item we looked at was Durotan’s Axe charging chord. This axe shaped device is the home for a custom designed USB and Apple cable which allows users to charge all of their devices and have a safe and secure place to keep them while on the go.

Expect more than a few interested and curious looks as you bring out the highly detailed axe and remove the cables from the handle of the axe.

The unit is also durable as well as being stylish and works very well with the previously mentioned power pack.

Swordfish has other items in the collection such as phone docks, and shield and Horde power packs as well as a Doomhammer charge chord holder as well.

We will be putting the devices through some intense use in the next couple of months at San Diego Comic Con and PAX Prime, but we have found them to be very reliable and efficient devices and look forward to using them at theme parks and other events we will be covering and traveling to. The items are affordably priced and must own for any Warcraft fans.

We plan to post some video of the items in use at the conventions and you can learn more at