The Secret Life Of Pets

Every wonder what your pets do while you’re away? The premise of this film is the social lives pets lead while their owners are out of the picture. From throwing parties, to visiting each other’s apartments, and utilizing all the household tools to create their own lap of luxury lifestyle.

From the studio that brought you those lovable Minions, the Secret Life of Pets is Illumination Entertainment’s pet version of Disney’s Toy Story. The film opens up with Max (Louis CK), a cute, funny loving, gregarious little terrier with an extreme attachment to his owner, Katie (Ellie Kemper). One day, Katie brings home a new “brother” to keep Max company. Duke (Eric Stonestreet), a scruffy, friendly, shaggy dog that competes with Max for Katie’s affection. The competition gets so out of hand that both Max and Duke end up lost in the streets of New York City and without their only form of identification, their collars. Now, they are on the run from the dogcatchers that want to take them to the Pound. They manage to make their way to the sewers and befriend a group of rebel castaway pets whose mission is to destroy all the pampered pets and their owners. Fortunately for Max, his pet friends band together to try to find Max and Duke and help bring them home.

Despite the similar storyline tone as Toy Story, this movie definitely stands on its own. Albeit, the emotional tones were not as poignant. Even though Max seemed to be the primary character in the movie, each individual character stood out on their own. Gidget (Jenny Slate), the feisty Pomeranian who will stop at nothing to save the Max, her true love. Snowball (Kevin Hart), the wise cracking leader of the rebel animal gang. You would have never thought so much hilarity and animosity could come from such a cute little bunny.

Visually, Pets gives us a great animal’s perspective into what it would be like to wander the city as a pet. It took us on an adventure through the not only between the city skyscrapers, the adventure continued through the sewers, and even the Hudson River.

There is enough in this movie to keep parents entertained, kiddos laughing, and it will definitely bring you closer to your own pet!

4 out of 5 stars