Five Things I Would Love To See Added To EA Star Wars Battlefront

As most people know I am a big fan of “Star Wars” and I am thrilled about all the new movies, games, television shows, and theme park attractions currently planned for the series.

I am also a regular player of EA Star Wars Battlefront and try to get in some matches on a regular basis as my review schedule and work deadlines allow.

I have enjoyed the new Bespin DLC greatly and look forward to the pending Death Star release as well as other updates in the series and the announced sequel due in 2017.

I hear a lot from people who say that the game is lacking and that there was not enough content at release but I have never found this to be the case. I have even written an article about this but accept that there are those in the community who have a different opinion and that is fine.

While we look at Star Wars Celebration 2016 in London this week and we gear up for San Diego Comic Con, I wanted to take a look at the game and point out a few things that I think can and should be included and perhaps we will see them at a later update.

First off would be a sidearm. I cannot count the number of times my weapon was in a cooldown or disrupted mode when an enemy or usually group of enemies appeared. If I do not have a grenade ready I am usually out of luck, and realized it would be nice to at least be able to pistol up and continue the fight. Call of Duty has regularly allowed players to have a sidearm with their main weapon and in time the option to select two main weapons is allowed.

Secondly I would continue to add new gameplay modes. While I would not mind a story based mode at all, I do not consider the absence of such mode a deal breaker. I would love to see a co-op mission based mode where players can compete in small squads against an A.I. group to complete an objective. The mode where players must survive numerous waves of enemies is a good start. Now imagine one where you had to infiltrate, attack, survive, and retreat with a vehicle where piloting and combat skills come into play.

Thirdly I would allow more vehicle gunners. In Sabotage on the Bespin DLC, a defend the evacuation zone segment is common at the end of the mission. The transport is there waiting so why not allow players to become gunners on a ship and use ship based weapons to clear away enemies?

The fourth thing I would add in is new factions. We have the Rebels; we have the Empire, but what about all the other forces out there? Smugglers, Black Sun, Pirates, etc.?

How much fun would it be to be able to play as characters from Jabba’s menagerie and be able to fight both imperial and Rebel forces at the same time? What about being a San Person, Jawa etc. Being able to use mounts such as a Dewback or Tauntaun?

The final thing I would add is more locales and weapons. I am sure this is in the planning stages but imagine Yavin, Degobah, and other locales being an option. Picture a Gamorean with an axe slogging through the swamps while a native creature stalks them.

This is a big and dangerous galaxy and I would love to see the locale dangers arise. Players should have to contend with Wampas and other deadly creatures or better yet; be allowed to call them in for support or play as them as a power up.

There are many other options out there but this is just my short list of things that would be fun to see added to the game and I look forward to seeing what is to come.

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