The Most Wanted Pokémon In America

With Pokémon Go gripping the US, re-commerce site decided to look into
which character each US state is desperately searching for on Pokémon Go. Using
Google search query data, the results are listed below:

· Pikachu is currently the most wanted Pokémon in America, with Arizona,
Delaware, Hawaii, Kansas, Mississippi, and Rhode Island all hunting for the
ultra-cute star of the TV series. As the ‘face’ of Pokémon, this is no huge surprise

· More surprising is the second most searched Pokémon: Eevee. Despite being
one of the lesser known Pokémon, players in Alaska, Illinois, Nevada, North Carolina
and Texas are desperate to find her

· The third most searched Pokémon in America is Ditto, another fairly
obscure Pokémon. If you find one, let players in New York, Alabama, Maryland and
South Dakota know!

Here’s a link to the full research:



Pokemon Go Graphic