Marvel’s Luke Cage San Diego Comicon Panel

Marvel certainly knows how to feed a frenzy. Ballroom 20 of the San Diego Convention Center was packed to its 4,800 capacity, as the audience enthusiastically counted down to the 5:45p premiere of the Luke Cage sizzle.

When the cheers died down, Marvel’s Jeph Loeb asked the crowd to get even more hyped out to prove to Netflix they made the right move with their exclusive Marvel shows by assigning sections to yell out “Daredevil!”, “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage!” The cheers got even louder when John Bernthal walked out and requested, on behalf of the fans, that Jeph play the sizzle reel again.Maybe because his Punisher did get quite the ovation.

John Bernthal wants the audience to watch the Luke Cage sizzle again.