Guild Of Dungeoneering

Greetings & Salutations Everyone!

Today we present to you for your consideration the mobile version of a PC game I had the good fortune to check out last year at PAX Prime 2015. From creators/developers ‘Gambrinous’ and published by ‘VERSUS EVIL’ comes the role-playing dungeon crawl game ‘Guild Of Dungeoneering’.

The player must become the ultimate dungeon master in this turn-based game which utilizes card-based mechanics. Unlike most games with similar themes, the player does NOT control the hero. You must build up your guild and your dungeon around HIM. Acquire weapons, circumvent traps, battle enemy creatures, gather your adversaries’ loot, and explore new chambers and paths using cards dealt from the game’s decks. All the while the game’s hero is working independently but in concert with your moves and decisions in an effort to take down the overlord of the dungeon. You must not loose sight of your crew (chumps) though. Con, bribe, and sweet talk your heroes into fighting for you and paying tribute with loot by learning about their individual personality traits and abilities or weaknesses by placing rooms and defeating independent bosses and adversaries (rats and bats).

I think the game is much much better as a mobile game than a desktop game. It’s perfect for mobile devices. There’s nothing wrong whatsoever with playing it on OS X, Microsoft Windows, or PlayStation. It honestly just doesn’t require THAT MUCH hardware. People play card games on all platforms so I’m all for it. Its rated for young adults due to mild fantasy violence, references to smoking, alcohol, and to drug use. In this format as a card game I’m of the opinion that anyone ‘responsible’ should be able to play it. One of the few beefs I have with the game though is that the result of every fight seems based on who gets the first ‘shot’ or ‘punch’. When you block or use a shield to repel an enemy advance it only works once. This all seems to be in line with the game’s card-based format though.

I’m going to give this game 4 out of 5 stars. It’s simple, fun, and is a great way to practice and learn basic strategy. It’s like playing chess and including with humor and laughs.