Perfect Universe

While everyone has been occupied with other releases there’s an indie title that managed to slide it’s way through everyone’s eyes and that game isPerfect Universe’. It’s a small indie game that is pretty unique and brings a new spin or rather new gimmick on 2D Platformers, that gimmick is zero-gravity. It’s a pretty simple gimmick but it does make for some strategic thinking in the vast emptiness that is space (Maybe). Like all these indie titles there’s not much to them aside from having interesting ideas and/or characters you’ll see people cosplaying for months ahead however this game stands out to me for more artistic reasons than anything.

I speak upon the art of this game in a good way because it’s a very simplenotepad sketchtype artstyle that really fits the atmosphere. The level design is also really well done as well as the pacing in each level, no level is too small and no level is too long. Now I’m speaking of the main single player campaign there are other single player modes (Mr.Legs being my favorite), there’s a ton of different multiplayer modes that really bring out how gorgeous this art style is. I just may be over-thinking it but this game really does shine when it’s doing something new.

Whenever I review games like this I always have to brace myself for either a snore or something innovative and new, this game is sort of a healthy mix. It’s art and plenty of modes compliment the slow and bountiful grasp on gravity however that’s the main problem I have with it is how slow it is in pace. All in all it’s a small title that deserves praise for how it’s presented and how it uses that presentation to dip you in and almost never let go. Yet again, the only problem I had was the pacing but in a game set in space you cannot expect the Citizen Kane of video games in an indie game. Once you get some friends to play multiplayer or find time to just sit down, relax and play video games try to give Perfect Universe a perfect chance.