Talking Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare With Actor John Marshall Jones

Recently I got to speak with the talented John Marshall Jones about his career and his work in the upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare which is set to be one of the biggest games of the year.

(Photo by Sterling Fallen)

What can you tell us about your character in Call of Duty?
My character, Admiral Raines, is the highest ranking officer in the game. He also is the mentor to Lieutenant Reyes, the character that the gamer experiences the game through. I’m caught between the desire to engage the enemy and the responsibility to dispatch only the missions given to me by my superiors. This conflict could put the earth mission behind the 8 ball if we are attacked. Lieutenant Reyes, in spite of being my friend, isn’t afraid to challenge me about being more aggressive against our enemies.
How much experience had you had with the series prior and which is your favorite?
I really like Black Ops. It’s the best one yet, but I think Infinite Warfare is going to top them all. Wait until you see the space combat.
Did you have to shoot Motion Capture and how long was the shoot?
Overall the shoot lasted for about a year. We’re using a new “MOCAP” technology that creates a much deeper 3D experience for the gamer. It’s hard to tell sometimes between live action footage and the games animation.
How did you prepare for the role?
With military roles, they come with an inherent sense of authority, so I search for the opposite. What is the character’s flaw? His vulnerability. Then I layer that beneath his authority. That’s what make him real. We all cover who we really are to some extent.
How did you get into acting and what was your big break?
I began acting as a kid in plays at church. I got my first applause at 5 years old and I was hooked. I studied theater at Northwestern University, and went from there to touring with Second City Theater for a couple of years. 9 comedians touring the country in a 12 passenger van filled with luggage. Talk about paying your dues! After that I landed a role in “Good Morning Vietnam”, which brought me to Hollywood. I guess my big break was on “Smart Guy”.
Do you prefer TV or film and why?
TV I think. It has so much to offer but it really all starts with the writing. I’m doing a project called “In The Cut” (BOUNCE TV) with amazing comedic actors Dorien Wilson, Kellita Smith and Kenny Lawson. Funny, funny stuff. TV can be great if you’re working with great people. Film, on the other hand, moves a little slower and so it lets you get deeper inside of the characters. “Bosch” (AMAZON) is like a long form film but it’s on TV! I play FBI agent Jay Griffin. He’s a deeply complex character.
When you consider a script or a potential TV or film project, what elements do you look for in the story and character? What types of projects would you like to do in the future?
I can read one scene from a script and tell if it’s any good. When it’s good you get lost in the script. You look up and you’ve been reading for an hour. I look first for scripts I can get lost in. “Bosch” was like that. I also look for subject matter that says something important about the human condition. What makes us all similar? Our pain? Our search for a single truth? That through line to our common humanity is what’s most interesting to me. I recently read a script called The Last Revolutionary that was like that. I optioned it right away.
When you’re not filming, what do you like to do?
I have recently discovered the joy of a comfortable chair and a big screen TV. I’m a big Detroit Lions fan by the way. Keep hope alive!!
What other projects do you have coming up?
I’ve just completed season 4 of “Rectify” (SUNDANCE) as recently released 25 year ex con, Pickle. That comes on in September. I also recently finished principle photography on a new film, THE LAST REVOLUTIONARY written by multiple award winning writer Levy Lee Simon. It’s a powerful film about a traditional, conservative suburbanite whose world is upended when his radical revolutionary past is revealed.
You can learn more about John at the various sites below.