Skarknado: The 4th Awakens

In what is become an annual event for Sy the latest in the Sharknado series titles “Sharknado: The 4th Awakens”, delivers more of the cheesy one-liners, highly improbable situations, bad acting, celebrity cameos, and chintzy visual effects that have made the series a pop culture mainstay.

The latest installment picks up five years after the events of the previous film with star Fin Sheppard (Ian Ziering), in Las Vegas to meet his son. Thanks to a new technological breakthrough that dissipates the storms, there has not been a Sharknado in over five years which is causing fin great concern as he believes they are long overdue.

When the storm mysteriously emerges despite numerous attempts dissipated, the Las Vegas strip and several high-end hotels are subjected to the bloody carnage that is caused by a storm filled with all manner of sharks.

Fin and his crew naturally leapt into action to save the day and using all manner of material that is at hand from tourist attractions to fireworks attempts to save the day.

As the situation unfolds there appears to be more than just a random storm behind the latest outbreak which sets Fin on a breakneck mission to save the day.

If you have followed any the previous films in the series you know what to expect. There will be one outrageous scenario after another with multiple celebrity cameos popping up rapidly throughout the film.

The action sequences trip more cheese than the Stadium Nacho Bar and many of the one-liners and acting performances are so bad the groan inducing. The thing about the series is that director and series stalwart Anthony C, Ferrante knows what the audience expects and delivers it with a big wink and smile that lets them know that he’s in on the game.

While from a technical standpoint there’s much that somebody could find fault with in films, that would be missing the point of the series as it is an over-the-top and ludicrous adventure series that does not take itself too seriously and instead attempts to have fun in the most outrageous ways possible.

The film sets the next film in the series very well and don’t be surprised if next summer you find yourself glued in front of the television watching the next installment in what has become an absolute ratings gold mine for the network.

3 stars out of 5