Batman: The Killing Joke

Fans of Batman will be thrilled that at long last, a film version of Alan Moore’s classic Batman: The Killing Joke has at long last been made into a movie. The R Rated animated tale is a darker and grittier look at the Joker, his origins and motivations, as well as the complicated relationship he has with Batman.

Complicated relationships are the key to the film as Batgirl (Tara Strong), has more than her share of issues with Batman (Kevin Conroy), and has decided to end her nocturnal patrols and focus on helping behind the scenes with tragedy strikes.

The Joker (Mark Hamill) has embarked on a deadly and dangerous mission to set Commissioner Gordon (Ray Wise), on a path to insanity as he is convinced all it takes is one bad day to set someone: even a man as virtuous as Gordon on a path to evil and insanity.
The film extends Batgirl’s story more than in the comic and I honestly wished it had run longer as I was so caught up in the characters and story that it ended too soon for my liking.
That being said the voice acting, especially that of Hamill is top notch and the darker and more mature themed story is the perfect evolution for the character. Let’s hope that Warner Bros is inclined to continue down the darker path for future animated adventures.

The picture and sound quality of the Blu-ray are amazing and it has some solid bonus features as well as a DVD and digital version of the film.

4 stars out of 5.

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