Warner Bros Home Entertainment has brought the complete first season of the hit series Supergirl to DVD and Blu-ray and it has never looked nor sounded better.

The series follows meek receptionist Kara Danvers who is actually a survivor of the planet Krypton like her more famous cousin Superman. Kara or as she is really known Kara- Zor-El takes up the cause of fighting for humanity but finds her road harder than she had anticipated.

Trying to juggle her career, romantic interests, dual identities, her adoptive family, and a range of super powered bad guys and the government is a daily grind.

Not that her boss Calista Flockhart is any easier to deal with. The action, characters, and visuals make this a series you will not want to miss.

Loaded with bonus features including the 2015 San Diego Comic Con panel, this is one set that will give you hours of enjoyment and will keep you going until Supergirl takes to the skies in season 2.